Advancing Cultural Exchange Through Inclusivity with David Howse

Advancing Cultural Exchange Through Inclusivity with David Howse

Ever wondered how art can connect diverse communities and cultivate empathy? In this captivating episode, join Juliette as she delves into the inspiring world of David Howse. As the accomplished Executive Director of ArtsEmerson, David utilizes the power of art to break down walls and foster inclusivity. David’s journey, from growing up in Tennessee to … Read more

Bridging Gaps for Communities of Color with Leverett Wing

Juliette Mayers is joined by Leverett Wing, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Seminar, a trailblazing advocate for marginalized communities. Leverett’s extensive experience in public service, including being the first Asian American staff member at the Massachusetts State House, and his numerous awards make him the perfect guest to delve into empowering communities of color. Leverett … Read more

Evolving Leadership with Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Join Juliette Mayers in an invigorating episode for leaders and aspiring leaders. Her distinguished guest Rosabeth Moss Kanter, is the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business at Harvard Business School and a prolific author, shares invaluable insights. Her latest bestseller is “Think Outside the Building.” As a trailblazer in academia, Rosabeth often stood as the lone … Read more

Keep It Positive with Alberto Vasallo, III

Juliette welcomes a very special guest, Alberto Vasallo, III, the dynamic President and CEO of El Mundo Boston. This episode promises a riveting conversation filled with inspiration, resilience, and the power of positivity. Alberto’s story is a testament to perseverance, embodying the quintessential entrepreneurial journey with a rich tapestry of experiences. Get a glimpse into … Read more

The Art of Evolving Yourself and Your Business with Lisa Prior

Advancing women into leadership platforms is critical to evolving the workplace. When women are given the chance to lead, they bring new perspectives and ideas to the table that can help businesses grow and evolve. Lisa Prior believes that the key to being a successful leader is understanding your values and having the courage to … Read more