Tips for Engaging Your Network This Summer with Juliette

Tips for Engaging Your Network This Summer with Juliette

Author of Strategic Networking 2.0, Juliette shares her insights on keeping professional relationships alive during the summer. Based on her own experiences and her three books on networking, she offers practical tips for business professionals and entrepreneurs on how to use the summer months to build deeper connections and expand their networks. She talks about … Read more

A Master Class In Entrepreneurial Success with Herby Duverné

In this powerful episode, Juliette Mayers engages in an enlightening conversation with Herby Duverné, President and CEO of Windwalker Group, and co-founder of RISE. Herby shares his remarkable journey to entrepreneurial success, delving into the trials and triumphs that shaped his path. Together, they explore the themes of leadership, responsibility, and the impact of positive … Read more

Amplifying Voices That Matter with Elzie D. Flenard III

Welcome to a riveting episode of Entering The Inspiration Zone with your host, Juliette Mayers. In this episode, Juliette sits down with Elzie D. Flenard III, the renowned Mayor of Podcast Town and a beacon of inspiration in the industry. Together, they explore Elzie’s incredible journey from humble beginnings to becoming a podcasting powerhouse, amplifying … Read more

Bridging Gaps for Communities of Color with Leverett Wing (Repeat Episode)

Juliette Mayers is joined by Leverett Wing, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Seminar, a trailblazing advocate for marginalized communities. Leverett’s extensive experience in public service, including being the first Asian American staff member at the Massachusetts State House, and his numerous awards make him the perfect guest to delve into empowering communities of color. Leverett … Read more

Entrepreneurial Success – An Inspirational Story with Shellee Mendes

Juliette engages with the visionary Shellee Mendes to uncover the secrets of resilience and success in this episode. From humble beginnings to owning two esteemed salons on Newbury Street, Shellee shares her inspiring journey of overcoming adversities and making remarkable strides in the business and beauty industry. They explore Shellee’s transformative decisions, from venturing into … Read more