Tips for Engaging Your Network This Summer with Juliette

Author of Strategic Networking 2.0, Juliette shares her insights on keeping professional relationships alive during the summer. Based on her own experiences and her three books on networking, she offers practical tips for business professionals and entrepreneurs on how to use the summer months to build deeper connections and expand their networks.

She talks about why summer is the perfect time to get to know colleagues and potential partners beyond the office. Juliette also shares some great stories about how personal interactions can lead to powerful connections.

Episode Highlights

04:01I think that summertime, quite honestly, is a perfect time to deepen the relationships because people are often in a space of, even if they’re at work 90% of the time, they are typically in a better place because, one, the sun is out.

08:03 – Summer is a perfect time to get to some of those tasks that you may have been putting off and make sure that they are optimized in a way that will help you to be more effective. So one thing that you can do is if you haven’t already done it, take the time to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date, that it’s professionally done, and it reflects what you do.

14:44 – Be mindful of where people are on their journey and with their energy. And in some cases, the vacation that somebody takes may be the only time they’ve had all year, and so be respectful of those times. If somebody’s on vacation, unless it’s truly an emergency, do not tell them it’s urgent and you need a response.


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