Strategic Networking 2.0 – Harness the Power of Connection and Inclusion for Business Success

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Are you a professional, CEO, or entrepreneur frustrated with the typical approaches to trying to grow your career or advance your business? Perhaps
you want to diversify your team and develop real relationships across cultures, but the task seems so daunting, given the many pitfalls and competing priorities?

It’s time to reframe your thinking and build meaningful connections to transform your business and your life. The old mental model of networking only for job searches and business development is too limiting and often invokes anxiety rather than joy. It excludes the richness of diversity that exists when you form authentic relationships that are aligned with your vision and strategy.

In Strategic Networking 2.0, Juliette Mayers shows how you can reframe
networking to be a catalyst for achieving your goals.

Praise for Strategic Networking 2.0

“This book is a bridge that connects the dots for relationship building across cultures, to inclusion, in a way that is accessible, practical, and effective.”

Madge Meyer

Author, The Innovator’s Path

“As a leading business influencer, Mayers has crafted the next step in the Networking trilogy that confirms her ‘Anything is possible’ mantra is the road to success in an ever-changing work world. Strategic Networking 2.0 is a powerful book filled with wisdom, strategy, and reasoned approaches to build a human-focused system to connect beyond a handshake and a name tag.”

Donna Latson Gittens

Founder and CEO, MORE Advertising

“The most successful individuals and businesses understand the power of networking. This book represents an outstanding road map because Juliette Mayers is truly a networking guru.”

Phil Johnston

President and CEO, Johnston Associates

“This is a powerful book with lots of actionable content. Readers also get the benefit of Juliette’s expertise in guiding inclusive approaches to networking. I’m thrilled to recommend Strategic Networking 2.0.”

Carlos Cubia, SVP

Chief inclusion, equity, diversity, and sustainability officer, Corewell Health

“Juliette’s wisdom has helped me professionally and personally many times. Most memorable is how I used her networking circles model to uncover my true mentors and sponsors to land my first executive role. I will always be grateful.”

Stephanie Browne

CEO of Deserved Talent, former vice president of Talent Acquisition and chief diversity officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

“The ability to connect meaningfully with coworkers and clients and expand cross-cultural networks is essential as we strive to achieve a more equitable business environment. Juliette provides excellent insights and a road map to create an action plan. I highly recommend Strategic Networking 2.0.”ts the dots for relationship building across cultures, to inclusion, in a way that is accessible, practical, and effective.”

Pamela Reeve

Chair of the board, American Tower

“Strategic Networking 2.0 is the professional networking book you’ve been waiting for. It is packed with hands on information that will help you take action. It’s a great resource for business leaders. I highly recommend this book for growing your business inclusively.”

Bob Rivers

Chairman and CEO, Eastern Bank

“One of the key ingredients to managing a successful career is our ability to build strong, lasting relationships and to master the art of networking. Finding our own formula to do so effectively is an individual journey, yet there are proven strategies and best practices to draw upon. Juliette’s book provides practical advice and techniques that provide us with an effective road map.”

Rita Balian Allen

President of Rita B. Allen Associates and author of Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself

“Strategic Networking 2.0 should be required reading for leaders who truly want to engage their employees and support their executives in forming meaningful, productive networks. This book is a beautiful gift to the business community and one that I plan to share with all of my clients.”

Martha R. A. Fields

President and CEO of OKI ME, LLC, and author of The Okinawa in Me: Finally Finding My Ikigai (Reason for Being!)Marketing Yourself

“As a highly regarded DEI consultant and networking expert, Juliette provides excellent, actionable insights that work. I know because I’ve had the good fortune to work with Inspiration Zone. Every leader should read this book.”

John Regan

President and CEO, Associated Industries of Massachusetts

“Juliette Mayers started her career as a management trainee at GE Capital and literally networked her way up the ladder and through the corridors of some of America’s largest corporations and institutions to launch her own company, Inspiration Zone. Juliette offers readers practical, actionable advice that even a first-time networker can use to advance his or her career. This book is a must-read for those serious about learning how to network strategically.”

Colette Phillips

CEO of CPC Global, and founder of Get Konnected

“A huge part of what this book accomplishes is bringing visibility to individuals and groups that are often overlooked when it comes to business networking. It also provides leaders with perspectives on how to be more inclusive with their networking outreach. The book offers actionable steps and examples of how anyone can build a productive network of champions and door openers that are instrumental to reaching professional goals. Very powerful!”

Betty Francisco

CEO of Boston Impact Initiative and cofounder of Amplify Latinx

Most people think of networking as selfishly hitting up their LinkedIn contacts when they want something. Juliette shows a much more effective approach. By sharing your passions with the world and freely helping others, you not only succeed at business, but you also live a more rewarding and interesting life.”

David Meerman Scott

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of thirteen books, including Fanocracy

The Guide to Strategic Networking.

Building up your strategic network is a key component of getting ahead in business. It’s not enough to have the skills. You must network with others who can help you get ahead.

You will receive practical advice on how to build your personal brand and strategic networking plan in her new book The Guide to Strategic Networking: Dream. Plan. Create. Achieve.

Mayers expands upon the principles shared in her first book to include help on how to develop an action plan. Here, she offers a mix of advice and encouragement in order to inspire you to make your dreams come true.

Mayers uses examples of her own career, including how she became president of a firm specializing in multicultural consulting, brand management, and thought leadership. She also draws from her leadership experience at GE Capital, Bank of Boston, The Ad Club Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA. Also included are action-oriented “Making It Real” exercises to help you develop your own written strategic networking plan.

Get in touch with those who can help you succeed at business and in your career—from using social media effectively to understanding the importance of attending networking events, Mayers lays out an easy roadmap for you to follow.

A Black Woman’s Guide To Networking.

Advance Your Career. Grow Your Business!

This inspirational book is for professional women and others who are open to building cross-cultural relationships. It gives voice to the advancement of women. In addition to practical networking tips, the book features Networking Master Class — advice from diverse professionals who have mastered the art of networking. Ultimately, it encourages women to leverage the power of networking to attain their dreams.

Praise for A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking (2011):

Juliette’s book is an indispensable tool for women who really want to expand their base and use practical tips for effective networking.  Professional development is a critical building block to achieve business success, and this book is a cornerstone.” Darnell L. Williams, President and CEO, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts