The Guide to Strategic Networking.

Building up your strategic network is a key component of getting ahead in business. It’s not enough to have the skills. You must network with others who can help you get ahead.

You will receive practical advice on how to build your personal brand and strategic networking plan in her new book The Guide to Strategic Networking: Dream. Plan. Create. Achieve.

Mayers expands upon the principles shared in her first book to include help on how to develop an action plan. Here, she offers a mix of advice and encouragement in order to inspire you to make your dreams come true.

Mayers uses examples of her own career, including how she became president of a firm specializing in multicultural consulting, brand management, and thought leadership. She also draws from her leadership experience at GE Capital, Bank of Boston, The Ad Club Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA. Also included are action-oriented “Making It Real” exercises to help you develop your own written strategic networking plan.

Get in touch with those who can help you succeed at business and in your career—from using social media effectively to understanding the importance of attending networking events, Mayers lays out an easy roadmap for you to follow.

A Black Woman’s Guide To Networking.

Advance Your Career. Grow Your Business!

This inspirational book is for professional women and others who are open to building cross-cultural relationships. It gives voice to the advancement of women. In addition to practical networking tips, the book features Networking Master Class — advice from diverse professionals who have mastered the art of networking. Ultimately, it encourages women to leverage the power of networking to attain their dreams.

Praise for A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking (2011):

Juliette’s book is an indispensable tool for women who really want to expand their base and use practical tips for effective networking.  Professional development is a critical building block to achieve business success, and this book is a cornerstone.” Darnell L. Williams, President and CEO, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts