Building Inclusive Boards: Strategies from an Experienced Leader with Paula Price

Tune in to our next episode with Paula Price, an independent board director and strategic advisor. In this episode, “Building Inclusive Boards: Strategies from an Experienced Leader,” Paula shares her thoughts on how organizations can achieve true diversity in the boardroom.

Paula recounts her insightful journey and unveils game-changing strategies, emphasizing the pivotal role of mentorship in breaking down barriers. She pulls back the curtain to reveal key metrics that go beyond mere numbers, measuring progress towards board diversity.

We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the challenges faced by aspiring board members, providing valuable insights for those aiming to implement strategic networking and showcase their unique value. Paula makes a compelling case for why board diversity is not just a buzzword but an essential business imperative.

Episode Highlights:

08:53 By the time you get onto a board, you are senior enough. There’s no excuse to use your voice, to use your capital, to support people who you know are well-qualified for roles, whether it’s executive roles or board roles. You know that they’re well qualified and everyone should know that they’re well qualified, but they may not have someone in the room to speak up on their behalf.

11:44Those of us that have been in this diversity, equity  and inclusion discussion and battle for so long, we knew that we had to put in place systems during that time that allowed us to look at regiments every single quarter. And I won’t say that they weren’t in place in some places because they were, but in places where they weren’t, we set up goals and we made it a routine process to look at our progress towards those goals.

14:04 When top leaders actively support and champion diversity, this sets the right tone for everyone else to follow. Holding boards and leadership accountable for diversity, walking the talk, sets the expectation that diversity is not just some ideal, but it is something that should be integrated into all aspects of leadership and also employee resource groups, mentorship programs, flexible work arrangements. These all contribute to diversity in leadership roles being embraced.

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