Creating a Safe Space for CDOs

In this riveting conversation, Juliette Mayers talks to Dani Monroe, Founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Summit, who hails from a multicultural and economically diverse upbringing. Dani shares intriguing perspectives from her life’s journey to a DEI executive and thought leader.

Experience how a pivotal realization sparked the inception of the Martha’s Vineyard Chief Diversity Officer Summit, now a haven for CDOs to learn, grow, and exhale. Dive into some of the tantalizing topics discussed at the Summit, spanning from the legal intricacies of affirmative action to skillful communication around sensitive socio-political issues. Discover the transformative role of CDOs in today’s business landscape and organizational strategy.

Dani, in her candid style, sheds light on the importance of embracing curiosity for inclusive leadership and the courage to step into the unknown. Listen to this episode for these insights and much, much more!

Episode Highlights:

11:47So, chief diversity officers, the role itself probably has only been in existence since the very late 90s, maybe early 2000s. And their role really is to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies across the organization. So, it originally started by focusing on human capital issues, hiring, recruitment, development of diverse people. It now has become a business imperative for an organization in that diversity, equity and inclusion runs through almost every function of an organization.

16:08One of the most significant pieces of the summit is certainly where it’s held on Martha’s Vineyard. And if you know anything about Martha’s Vineyard, historically, it has been a place where brilliant minds come together to share some of the latest thinking.

16:57The summit is designed for chief diversity officers. And one of the things I learned from the experience of the cultural competence program is how do you design to a profession. And so, it’s not generic programming. We really spent a lot of time thinking about what did chief diversity officers need at that point in time in their development.

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