Advancing Cultural Exchange Through Inclusivity with David Howse

Ever wondered how art can connect diverse communities and cultivate empathy? In this captivating episode, join Juliette as she delves into the inspiring world of David Howse. As the accomplished Executive Director of ArtsEmerson, David utilizes the power of art to break down walls and foster inclusivity.

David’s journey, from growing up in Tennessee to pursuing his passion at New England Conservatory of Music, fuels his belief that “we are more alike than unalike.” He champions service as our rent to the Earth, embodying Maya Angelou’s profound wisdom. Discover how he tackles the challenge of promoting diversity and inclusion in the arts, emphasizing the importance of imagination. Through curatorial listening, leaders can better understand the needs of vulnerable populations.

Tune in to learn about the impactful Gaining Ground Fund, supporting artists reflecting the African Diasporic experience. David’s advocacy for cultural exchange and increased funding is a call to action for a more inclusive and understanding world. Listen now and be part of the movement to bridge communities through art!

Episode Highlights:

09:45I thought, “Well, what if we reimagine that? What if we provided resources for artists to believe and dream and develop projects in their full voice? With all the intentions.” And I said, “Can we do that?” And, you know, so we developed what we call the Gaining Ground Fund.

15:55There are international stories that actually can help us understand who we are as Americans, as Bostonians. And so, this notion of cultural exchange, which used to be a pretty significant part of cultural diplomacy from the state house and from the government, but that has sort of pulled back in time. And we are committed, me and ArtsEmerson I should say, and many of our colleagues across the country and being able to do what we call international presenting.

19:57I’m very inspired by healthcare. When they think about prescribing arts as a way of healing, as a way of mindfulness. So, I’m often interested in developers, commercial real estate developers, who are thinking about architects, landscape designers, artists to think about how we make our spaces more welcoming, a sense of belonging for more people.

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