Coming this Fall “A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking”

A Warm Welcome to the National Urban League

I look forward to attending The State of Black Boston later today.  I’m sure there will be lots of great data on the changes that have occurred in Boston.  As I think about this upcoming week, Black Bostonians have reason to hope.  First, it is a huge win to serve as host to the National … Read more

Effective Communications and Networking in a Multi-Cultural World and Marketplace

“It is a luxury to be understood.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The workforce and marketplace of today is increasingly more diverse. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, approximately 25% of the population is non-white. Companies of all sizes and industries are grappling with how to create new value for shareholders and constituents in order to remain competitive. As growth within traditional market segments moderates, the focus on Hispanic, African American and Asian segments is increasing. Many organizations now realize the need to align their organizational strategies to capture new and emerging market opportunities. Culturally appropriate communication is a critical component – and one size does not fit all. Here are a few tips for effective multi-cultural communications for individuals and organizations:

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Strategic and Productive Networking Tips

1. Dare to Dream. Determine your vision for yourself, your business and your career. Don’t limit yourself. Think big.

2. Develop your plan and commit to it on paper. Outline the strategies that you will use to move you towards your vision and write them down. Include estimated timeframes.

3. Share your goals and objectives with your trusted key supporters and friends.

4. Take action. Strategies are useless unless you take the necessary steps to execute them. Work your plan:

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