A Warm Welcome to the National Urban League

I look forward to attending The State of Black Boston later today.  I’m sure there will be lots of great data on the changes that have occurred in Boston.  As I think about this upcoming week, Black Bostonians have reason to hope.  First, it is a huge win to serve as host to the National Urban League and the upcoming Blacks in Government Conference.  Furthermore, the fact that there are so many conversations underway regarding the “state of the state” is a good thing.  Organizations such as The Commonwealth Compact, The Partnership Inc., Fields Associates Inc., The NAACP and of course, The Urban League, continue to bring focus to key issues facing Blacks in Boston.   While there is significant room for improvement, it is important that each and everyone of us do our part to advance the conversation and participate in actions that will move us forward. For those who are attending the pre-conference and conference activities, don’t miss out on opportunities to network.

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