Winning with Values-based Leadership with Kip Hollister

In this power-packed episode, Juliette sits down with Kip Hollister, the dynamic Founder & CEO of the Hollister Group. Kip shares her unconventional journey into entrepreneurship, her approach to risk-taking, and her resilience through adversity. They delve into the importance of vulnerability in leadership and the key role of values-driven decisions.

Listen in as Kip discusses her perspective on the emergent need for relationships and humility in the pandemic era and shares practical advice for leaders to enhance self-awareness and authenticity. Juliette adds her insights on fostering an inclusive, value-centric culture.

Lastly, don’t miss out as Kip reveals her passionate commitment to community engagement. Tune in for these highlights and much more as we explore the formula for leadership that leaves a lasting impact.

Episode Highlights:

08:30We have to kind of discern, as leaders and as a company, how we’re going to move through this time and preserve what we have and be in integrity and hold people capable and accountable at the same time.

11:21Conversations define our life and being real is our acronym in the Cultures Division, but it’s being able to be authentic, be relatable with your people, be vulnerable with your people and be in the learning together while leading.

18:53Get the Cultures Group involved. It really does begin though with seeking to understand one’s own self, because without understanding yourself and understanding your own blind spots and self -awareness, which I think is the number one greatest attribute to amazing leaders, you can’t model, so it’s modeling.

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