Transforming Healthcare: Embracing Health Equity with Myechia Minter-Jordan

In this captivating episode, Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO of CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, opens up about the interconnectedness of oral health and overall wellness and shines a light on the communities often overlooked in the healthcare system.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of oral health and the important connection to overall health. Delve into the significance of equity in healthcare, and explore actionable steps towards a more inclusive future.

Myechia also talks about the important work of The New Commonwealth Fund. Tune in to learn more.

Episode Highlights: 

07:57 – The Missing Connection: It’s more than just a smile. Our oral health is intricately linked to our overall well-being. Addressing oral health is among the initial steps in achieving holistic healthcare for all.

10:58 – Breaking the Stigma: Engaging in open conversations and acknowledging the barriers to oral healthcare is essential in paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

18:11 – Shaping the Future: By amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, we can create a system that truly serves everyone.

Let’s bridge the gap and revolutionize healthcare together.

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