The Power of The Pause

In today’s episode, Juliette offers tips on how the simple act of pausing can contribute positively to changing the dynamic of making people feel more engaged, more heard, and more understood in both team and individual settings.

She emphasizes how pausing allows for employees to feel seen, valued, and cared for while also giving leaders an opportunity to take a step back and assess if what they’re about to say or do will help or hurt the situation.

Listen to Juliette give advice on pausing before responding and discover how you can apply this, especially in one-on-one situations where you may not have had a positive interaction or feel like you’re not being heard and feelings are running high.


01:44What I’ve learned in my 30+ years of leadership experience is that we are all worthy. People want to be appreciated, we want to be understood. We want to be celebrated and we want to be valued for our contribution.

03:47We, as leaders, have an opportunity every single day to affect that engagement, to affect how people feel about their jobs and how we influence outcomes.

07:14 – In the face of the agenda, which may have lots of problems to be solved, by simply pausing and allowing people space and time to be seen and heard makes a huge, huge, huge difference. What it signals is, number one, you see me, you value me, or my contribution, preferably both, and you care. By simply doing this, you’re saying you see me, you care, and you value my contribution.

13:33 So, this whole technique of pausing is also about respect. It’s about acknowledging each other. And it’s about trying to put our conversations on a different trajectory than they otherwise may be if we allow ourselves to get into that space of sticking to our guns or having to prove that our education, our knowledge, our idea is better than the other.


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