The Art of Evolving Yourself and Your Business with Lisa Prior

Advancing women into leadership platforms is critical to evolving the workplace. When women are given the chance to lead, they bring new perspectives and ideas to the table that can help businesses grow and evolve. Lisa Prior believes that the key to being a successful leader is understanding your values and having the courage to stand by them.

Lisa, who is currently the President of The Boston Club, speaks with Juliette about the organization’s commitment to elevating women in leadership roles and establishing an inclusive atmosphere for all members. Listen to her narrate her journey in leadership at a young age and how she has continued to learn and grow throughout her career, including what she hopes to achieve with The Boston Club’s vision. Find out how Lisa used Juliette’s book, The Guide to Strategic Networking: Dream. Plan. Create. Achieve. as a success framework and how she beautifully executed it.


08:38 I’ve been doing this work a very long time. These early experiences shaped who I am, what I cared about and of course, looking back now, I can see how they shaped my working career choices.

12:45 I can’t really pinpoint all the meaningful moments but in the two decades of Prior

Consulting, I’ve really come to appreciate the importance and power of women’s economic empowerment as a path to empathy, equity, and understanding justice.

16:19 We can’t look at where we’re going forward without sort of understanding how the nature of work has changed so much.

19:52 Understanding, being clear-eyed about your values, having those values serve as a north star, to me, that is the art of evolution for yourself as well as for your business.

23:27 It’s important that leaders step up and make sure they’re living the values of being

inclusive and how they lead.


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