Strategic Networking

A strategic network is a key component of getting ahead in business and it’s not enough to have the skills. You must network with others who can help you get ahead. Juliette also explains why the strategic network is important. Listen to this episode and hear more about her book “The Guide to Strategic Networking”.


03:56 – Identifying a key role, a key goal that you have for yourself and how you`re going to achieve that, it could be finding a job, it could be starting a new venture or it could be accelerating your career.

05:00 – Why you need strategic networking for retirement. Many studies have found that those who have a plan after retirement tend to be happier in retirement.

06:53 – Your personal brand is the embodiment of who and what you represent in the minds of others.

12:38 – You do need to be aware of how you may come across and how others may perceive you because it has such a big impact on your brand and your ability to be effective.

15:02 – When we have strong brands, when we have a great relationships it makes a whole lot of other things work really well.




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