New Rules of Marketing and PR with David Meerman Scott

Juliette is joined by David Meerman Scott, and they focus on discussing the New Rules of Marketing and PR based on David’s best-selling book. Find out how the principles they talk about are applicable to other professionals or just everyday people, not only marketers. 

Listen as they talk more about effective, modern marketing and PR best practices, as well as what you can do to communicate with and reach out to customers and buyers directly in order to maximize marketing and PR. 


05:54 – So many organizations are only focused on talking about their own products and services rather than understanding the needs of existing and potential customers. 

07:53 – Understand deeply the people you’re trying to reach. 

09:12 – Today, we don’t have to spend money on advertising. We can reach people directly by creating interesting information and publishing it ourselves. 

10:34 –  You can choose to become a change agent in your organization, you can stand up to the bosses and say, “Hey, this is wrong. We’re gonna do this in a different way. This is not right. This is not appropriate.” 

14:01 – You can quietly achieve results by doing something different and doing it in a way that you’re not gonna completely screw up what is already going on in the organization. 




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