Leading with Impact with Lesli Suggs

Juliette sits down with Lesli Suggs, President and CEO of The Home For Little Wanderers. Lesli shares her inspirational journey of advocating for at-risk children and families for over 35 years.

Lesli’s commitment to community service and the power of relationship-building shines through as she shares her leadership lessons and offers practical advice for leveraging networks and building authentic connections.

Episode Highlights

06:34 – Education is the great equalizer and we’ll never have equal access to education if we continue to fund education through property taxes.

08:49 – We’ve come to understand and know that child welfare does not do a good job of raising children. It’s there to provide a critical service for children who need it, children who experienced abuse and neglect.

16:24 – To have influence, people have to be able to want to listen to me, be able to listen to me, which means I need to be in a relationship and have connection. And the power of relationships having being authentically interested in other people’s journeys and what they have to say and their own perspectives, which may be similar to mine or different.

19:08 – Mentoring is sort of a strange word, I think, actually, because it implies that somebody’s mentoring the other person. I always find that relationships that are connected in that way are so reciprocal. I learned everyone learn where I still have folks that I reach out to all the time who mentor me.


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