Importance of Resilience with Lynn Perry Wooten

Juliette is joined by Lynn Perry Wooten, President of Simmons University and best-selling author of Arrive and Thrive. Find out how the principles they talk about are applicable to other professionals or just everyday people, not only entrepreneurs. 

Listen as they talk more about some tips for overcoming adversity and achieving success despite setbacks as well as the seven principles in Arrive and Thrive. 


03:12 Good leadership, like many of you learned in the workplace, but I also learned it from my mother and my husband and my children. The communities that I’ve lived in have influenced my life. 

05:17 I had written about resiliency for more than a decade, but to live it as a leader in my personal and professional life was a different thing. 

9:23 Part of the vision is that you do have to think visually and you have to create it. 

10:38 To be your authentic self you have to know what drives you and energizes you and your values.

11:43 If you want to go far, you need your village.You need support networks. 


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