The Power of Authenticity with Jackie Glenn

In this episode, Juliette speaks with Jackie Glenn, who is the Founder and CEO of Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions, a woman-owned, minority-owned diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting practice that helps empower individuals, leaders, and corporations to foster equitable and inclusive spaces for all. Jackie has worked in various industries and has helped countless people through her groundbreaking work.

Jackie’s book, Lift As I Climb: An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America,  details her journey from Jamaica and how she employed her ten self-created “gems” to guide her journey from a nanny all the way to Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer at Dell/EMC, author, and CEO.

Listen as they discuss the importance of authenticity in networking, and how it can be misinterpreted as anger for black women. Jackie also advises that people should show up authentically, meet others where they are, and approach everything with empathy. Find out why leaders need to be authentic themselves and create an environment where employees feel safe being their authentic selves.

Episode Highlights

17:35Don’t mistake authenticity for having an attitude of being rude or not being respectful. That is not authenticity.

20:20 Another piece that I would say to you is to pick your battles wisely and I’ll add it because there are times when someone might say something that you find to be off -color or a little bit of microaggressions sprinkled in. I always like to wait and again, Juliette, it goes back to your remarks on cancel culture. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles and wait.

24:25You can’t just sit there and say, “Jackie, I’m here for you. I’m your ally,” but you’re doing nothing. So, when I come in, listening is doing something, keeping an open mind. and being authentic.


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