From Transition to Transformation with Dr. Tonie Leatherberry

In this episode, the spotlight is on the remarkable Tonie Leatherberry as she shares her insights on the journey from transition to transformation. Join Juliette and Tonie as they explore the power of strategic networking and the importance of investing early and often in yourself.

Tonie’s personal framework for navigating transitions and transformations offers valuable guidance for professionals and leaders. Tune in as they discuss the significance of rebranding and crafting a new value proposition, especially in the current evolving landscape.

Episode Highlights

10:07Setting Goals During Challenging Times: “I start with a time frame or a date in mind. And so if you were to think about it on a piece of paper, it’s a vertical line that says, by this date, I want to be here. I wanna be at this destination in my journey.”

14:56The Lifelong Learning Journey: “Well, becoming a student again after 30 years, just even knowing with what some of the tools were and how to do plagiarism checks, and and we might laugh about that today, but now we realize how important being on top of some of that stuff really is.”

18:59Reflections on Career Transition: “And there’s a little bit of fear of the unknown, right, around that. And so I had to just be faithful, I guess, is the basic way of saying it to say I’m financially secure. So what are the fears? What are the fears? Are the fears, you know, sort of a lack of identity because this has been my identity for 30 years? Are the fears a lack of, again, continuing for me to grow and to learn and to experience? Are the fears related to just sort of, you know, as, as particularly as women of a certain vintage or becoming women of a certain vintage, thinking about I’m closing a certain chapter and, you know, I’m going on to the next chapter. But then I just said, let it flow for me. I didn’t over think it. I just let it flow.”

25:59Leadership Through Strategic Networking: “strategic networking is about investing in. It’s not about showing up at some gala or some conference and meeting people. But it is that is a leadership opportunity. How can you lead? How can you be on their board? How can you create a certain program within that not for profit organization that is investing in?”


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