Entrepreneurial Success – An Inspirational Story with Shellee Mendes

Juliette engages with the visionary Shellee Mendes to uncover the secrets of resilience and success in this episode. From humble beginnings to owning two esteemed salons on Newbury Street, Shellee shares her inspiring journey of overcoming adversities and making remarkable strides in the business and beauty industry.

They explore Shellee’s transformative decisions, from venturing into cosmetology to handling the unique challenges faced during economic downturns like the 9/11 aftermath and the pandemic.

With an unmatched passion for networking and community involvement, Shellee also delves into the pivotal role these elements have played in her sustained success and influence.

Episode Highlights:

06:08 – The pandemic slowed us down business wise. I actually started my business after 9/11, but I did work on Newbury Street for 9/11, and things like that really slowed down business.

10:05 – When someone comes to my salon, it’s not just the style. I examine their hair, their scalp. Probably after 10 years of being here, I really became intrigued with the scalp, the follicles, and the bulb that the hair grows out of. And I realized sulfate shampoos that we are washing our hair with are not just damaging our hair. They’re damaging our hair from the root, the follicles.

10:59 – My vision for the future is to instill a little bit more education into hair and cosmetology schools. I feel that’s important. I learned it after cosmetology school, but it’s the reason why so many women, men, and especially women of color are losing their hair. So, I would love to see a stronger education in cosmetology schools.

12:31I really feel that mentoring is extremely important. Sometimes we can be selfish and not want other people to get ahead, but, honestly, it comes from my heart. And what I do, I do it from my heart. And half the things I do, I don’t even remember when people tell me. I’m like, “Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay.” But when you do it from the heart, you’re not counting how many people you’ve helped in the past.


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