Cultivating and Attracting Talent with Stephanie Browne

Talent is the lifeblood of any organization. No matter how good your brand name is, you won’t be successful without  a talented team. Stephanie Browne joins Juliette to discuss why organizations need to earn the right to have top talent.

Find out more about why it’s not enough just to have a good brand name. You need to create an environment where talented people want to work. Listen as Stephanie and Juliette discuss what organizations can do to cultivate ,attract, and keep top talent!



02:44 I spent over four years working on trying to be the best me and these last twenty seven years, I’ve been blessed to have a lot of roles that led me to where I am today.


08:26 All of those skills I did outside of my corporate job at the same time keeping my corporate job. That was what really helped me navigate its leadership and the executive suite because of all that learning.


10:18 There was nobody there telling me I was doing it wrong or doing it right. I had to learn it on my own and I was able to take risks that I wasn’t really willing to take.


14:36 We also know that diversity brings innovation. What kind of innovation do you need to be thinking about as a company is the first thing you need to think about. You must have a strategy.


22:39 I really do believe that organizations need to earn the right to have the best talent. It’s not enough just to have a good brand name. It’s not enough just to, you know, I call talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk.



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