Creating Your Own Path with Pamela Reeve

Juliette is joined by Pam Reeve, Chair of the Board, American Tower. Pamela has built her career around the advancement of women and support for technology innovation. In roles starting and running businesses, serving at the helm of public company boards of directors, and leading non-profit organizations and boards, Reeve has left her mark on the region’s business landscape while mentoring and in other ways supporting its people.

A champion for women’s leadership, Reeve serves as the Chair of The Commonwealth Institute, working with women CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to help them grow their businesses and their careers. In this position, her active involvement in Board-Ready Bootcamps, and through her work with the Boston Women’s Leadership Network Last Mile Initiative and Women Corporate Directors, she has demonstrated a commitment to increasing the number of qualified women serving on boards of directors

Pamela shares her story of creating her own path. Pamela talks about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and how she found the confidence to forge her own way. This episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories, so be sure to tune in!


03:54 – When I look back on the journey, I think it’s more about how I wanted to be, what I valued, relationships that meant a lot to me and a lot of connecting dots that otherwise might seem not connected.

07:25 – I think that you have to look around on what might be available to help you out and maybe do move if you can.

13:18 – I think we all carry in us our history, our upbringing and our history, and then we hope to enrich that or go away from it.

18:40 – Have more faith in yourself, use your voice and use your intention. Don’t deny yourself and don’t prevent yourself from at least trying on something that you’re interested in.

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