Communicating With Power

Communicating with power is a key factor in the success of your personal brand. Effective communication fosters not only understanding but establishes credibility and builds trust. It is also a skill you can learn and have continuous improvement in. 

Juliette talks about how important it is to connect meaningfully and how to maximize your impact through the way you communicate. Listen to this podcast for tips and specific strategies you can use to have breakthrough communication. 


03:44 – Communicating with power is one’s ability to effectively deliver a message which conveys the essence of your brand. 

04:02 – To maximize your impact, you must carry yourself in a way and in a manner that garners respect, conveys confidence, credibility. 

09:52 – How important it is to imagine the future, imagine what it is that you are trying to achieve, and try to crystallize that as much as possible, of course, backed by research and whatever else you need to do to build the case right. 

11:14 – Effective communication comes down to how we deliver messages and how we do so in ways that are powerful. 

13:52 – Be respectful, and have your communication reflect who you are and the brand you want to portray.




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