A Formula for Leadership: Prioritizing Your Well-being While Pursuing Big Dreams

In this thought-provoking episode, Juliette Mayers delves into the compelling theme of prioritizing yourself. Drawing from her extensive experience as an accomplished author, speaker, and DEI strategist, Juliette unpacks the importance of having a big dream and integrating self-care into the pursuit of that dream.

Juliette shares insights from her own journey as a DEI strategist, emphasizing the need for professionals to prioritize their wellness and mental health. She reflects on the struggles faced by individuals, particularly amidst the challenges of work-life balance, burnout, and the endless to-do list. Through her own experiences and interactions with business owners, Juliette highlights the frustration many face in finding time to pursue their goals while juggling personal and professional responsibilities.

Tune in to this empowering episode as Juliette Mayers sheds light on the importance of prioritizing oneself, setting boundaries, and honoring individual values in the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment.

Episode Highlights:

03:05 – Prioritizing Professional Development: “The journey that we’ve been on and the way in which we have been approaching things is to acknowledge that those challenges are really not new. And so how do we make sure that we just modify our strategies and so forth to go forward?”

08:17 – Struggles of Finding Balance: “The struggle to find balance. And therefore, there’s a sense that there’s simply no time to pursue aspirational goals or passions, whether that’s personal or professional.”

10:08 – “How are you going to hold yourself accountable? How are you going to monitor and measure your effectiveness or your success? So some people were candid in saying, you know what? That all sounds really, really exhausting, and we’re already tired.”

16:44 – “When you are clear about what is expected, your are training others to change their behaviors.”

17:18 –  “We have to train people to prioritize us and we first, have to prioritize ourselves.”

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