Celebrate the Contributions of Women

Let’s hope the day will come when the accomplishments of women are celebrated each and every day.  Women and men are working on the critical issues of gender equality, pay equity, board representation and on leveling the playing field for women’s advancement.  This month one community leader, Darryl Settles, is doing his part to celebrate women’s history by hosting a speakers series at his establishment in Boston.  I am proud to participate as the featured speaker on April 1st and encourage those who can, to join me for “Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Brand.”  Click here to see speakers and topics details: http://www.darrylscornerbarboston.com/pdfs/DCBKwhm14.pdf  There are many other events and celebrations.  I hope that you will find an event in your region that you can attend and that you will make a commitment to advancing the contributions of women, not just this month, but each and every day.  Happy Women’s History Month!  Join me on Twitter @jcmayers

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