Personal Branding and Repositioning Your Brand with Juliette Mayers

Personal Branding and Repositioning Your Brand with Juliette Mayers

Branding is so much more than design and colors. It’s the heart and soul of a company, and it needs to be personal. In today’s episode, Juliette talks about personal branding and repositioning your brand. She discusses the importance of understanding what your personal brand is and how it can be used to reposition your … Read more

Developing Empathy for the Lived Experiences of Others

How do you develop empathy for the lived experiences of others? It can be difficult, but it’s necessary if we want to build a more inclusive society, embrace diversity and develop relationships. Juliette sits down with Bob Rivers, the Chair and CEO of Eastern Bank to talk about his journey and personal story that is … Read more

Importance of Resilience

Juliette is joined by Lynn Perry Wooten, President of Simmons University and best-selling author of Arrive and Thrive. Find out how the principles they talk about are applicable to other professionals or just everyday people, not only entrepreneurs.  Listen as they talk more about some tips for overcoming adversity and achieving success despite setbacks as … Read more

Creating Your Own Path with Pamela Reeve

Juliette is joined by Pam Reeve, Chair of the Board, American Tower. Pamela has built her career around the advancement of women and support for technology innovation. In roles starting and running businesses, serving at the helm of public company boards of directors, and leading non-profit organizations and boards, Reeve has left her mark on … Read more

The Art of Storytelling

Sharing our stories is how we connect with one another. It’s how we show the world who we are and what matters to us. When we share our stories, we open ourselves up to new experiences and perspectives. We also give others the opportunity to see us in a different light. Telling our stories can … Read more