Bridging Gaps for Communities of Color with Leverett Wing

Bridging Gaps for Communities of Color with Leverett Wing

Juliette Mayers is joined by Leverett Wing, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Seminar, a trailblazing advocate for marginalized communities. Leverett’s extensive experience in public service, including being the first Asian American staff member at the Massachusetts State House, and his numerous awards make him the perfect guest to delve into empowering communities of color. Leverett … Read more

Entrepreneurial Success – An Inspirational Story with Shellee Mendes

Juliette engages with the visionary Shellee Mendes to uncover the secrets of resilience and success in this episode. From humble beginnings to owning two esteemed salons on Newbury Street, Shellee shares her inspiring journey of overcoming adversities and making remarkable strides in the business and beauty industry. They explore Shellee’s transformative decisions, from venturing into … Read more

A Vision for Empowering Latino Leadership with Eneida Roman

Juliette talks with visionary leader, Eneida Roman, about the transformative power of Amplify Latinx in fostering Latino economic empowerment. Eneida shares insight into the organization’s mission to propel the visibility of Latino leaders and the growth of Latino-owned businesses, emphasizing community involvement and public policy advocacy. Eneida also discusses Amplify Latinx’s strategic initiatives designed to … Read more

White Male Allyship with Colette Phillips

Juliette talks with diversity powerhouse Colette Phillips about the untold narratives of white male allies in the movement for equity. Colette details the seven traits of culturally savvy anti racist leaders from her book, The Includers, as they delve deep into the uncharted territory of inclusion while challenging the status quo. Colette brings her unique … Read more

Leading with Impact with Lesli Suggs

Juliette sits down with Lesli Suggs, President and CEO of The Home For Little Wanderers. Lesli shares her inspirational journey of advocating for at-risk children and families for over 35 years. Lesli’s commitment to community service and the power of relationship-building shines through as she shares her leadership lessons and offers practical advice for leveraging … Read more