Major health insurers increased participant engagement and received satisfaction scores of 93%.

Major health insurers increased participant engagement and received satisfaction scores of 93%.

Inspiration Zone LLC

With changing demographics, new entrants to the healthcare marketplace, and increased competition, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSMA) sought a strategic, culturally competent approach to engaging its members. The company also sought to attract new entrants to the healthcare marketplace. Through the creation of the Multicultural Ambassadors program, BCBSMA developed a program that leveraged its employees’ … Read more

Are Black Businesses Realizing Dr. King’s Dream?

    We recently celebrated the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the beloved and celebrated champion of civil rights and racial justice. In schools, churches, and public venues, Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech once again resonated deeply with millions of listeners. But Dr. King had another dream – one of economic … Read more

Eight Tips for Building Cross-Cultural Relationships

There are many aspects of culture — shared language, traditions, norms, beliefs and customs. Regardless of the culture, successful interactions across cultures are built on respect, trust and the ability to communicate effectively. Use the following tips to build your cross-cultural relationships: 1.         Examine your personal biases. Face it! We all have biases and there is research to prove … Read more

The Only One

CHAPTER 8*  “The Only One” ______________________________ You must be willing to take a risk; without risk-taking, you will not go far. – Elvoid Mayers The time has come to end the isolation that is so prevalent for many people of color. Whether you’re in a formal organization or in an entrepreneurial venture, too often the … Read more

Owning My Truth: What I Believe About Diversity & Inclusion

I want to publicly address a recent criticism that came from a business associate and someone I’ve known for almost 30 years.  “You’re not a real ‘diversity person.’ You’re a business and marketing executive with expertise in diversity – there’s a difference.” I suppose that justifies why this person excludes me from “diversity opportunities deemed … Read more