All workshops may be customized based on your company’s requirements. DEI education is most effective when it is part of a holistic approach to DEI aimed at improving the culture of the organization, and changing behaviors, policies, and practices. To meet the needs of your organization, in-house workshops and talks vary in length, content, and delivery style.

An Action Plan for Making Inclusion Real

Are you concerned about attracting new talent, retaining the talent that you have, or better engaging team members? Do you want to accelerate the pace of change relative to your diversity strategy, your career, or your employee resource groups? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that diverse teams produce better outcomes and inspire innovation. So how can you accelerate the pace of change? What are some practical things that you can do to expand your diversity efforts to ensure inclusion?

Strategic Networking Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something? You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career or your business. You are a strong performer. You have the credentials, the competence, and the confidence, yet you are feeling stuck or you just can’t put your finger on what is holding you back. Maybe you have a great network, but are you really maximizing the productivity of your network for growth? Have you cultivated the critical relationships necessary to support your career and business advancement? Is it possible that you don’t know what you don’t know?

If you are ready to take your career and business to the next level, or you simply want to unlock the secrets of those who have mastered networking to achieve their dreams, this workshop is for you. In this dynamic, workshop, award-winning author and networking expert, Juliette C. Mayers, will share strategies to help you achieve your highest aspirations.

Strategic Networking for Career Advancement

Unlock your networking skills with our Strategic Networking Workshop, inspired by Juliette Mayers’ “Strategic Networking 2.0.” This course equips you with advanced strategies to boost your career and business through meaningful connections. Learn to prioritize key contacts, master communication, leverage social media, and navigate events with confidence. Perfect for professionals seeking career acceleration.

Building Inclusive Networks

Join our Building Inclusive Networks workshop to gain skills and strategies to cultivate inclusive networks in the business realm. Through interactive sessions, learn to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion, overcome barriers, tailor networking strategies, leverage ERGs and affinity networks, and promote allyship. Perfect for professionals aiming to foster diverse connections, broaden talent pools, and enhance market reach.

Personal Branding

When it comes to advancing your career or your business, doing a good job and mastering one’s craft are not enough. You need a plan that helps to highlight your value and your contribution. Your personal brand and your executive presence have a tremendous impact on how you are perceived by others. In this interactive, session, we will explore these topics and you will develop your own action plan.

Unconscious Bias

Understanding bias is the foundation of leading and behaving inclusively. Every day well-meaning people unintentionally create environments that negatively impact their colleagues. This session is designed to shed light on the impact of unconscious bias and provide you with the tools to create an individual action plan and continue your learning journey. All participants are asked to take the Implicit Bias Association Test. The primary focus is on supervisors, leaders, employee resource groups, and boards of directors.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership is designed for leaders, boards, and employee resource groups. The premise is that supervisors and leaders set the tone for the organization’s culture. This session examines conditions that support an inclusive environment from a DEI aspect and from an economic inclusion lens (supplier diversity and community engagement).

This powerful and highly interactive session brings leaders together to envision a bold future, align and leverage their collective strengths, and position their organizations for a competitive edge and success. Juliette’s program design, business insights, and facilitation skills are exceptional.”  Donna Bonaparte, Babson College